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Having a pool of your own comes with many perks. Besides cooling you off during the sizzling summers, owning a pool means you can take a dip anytime, host unforgettable pool parties, stay in shape, and relax. Daydreaming about a swimming pool is one thing, but once you put serious thought into it, you’ll notice that pools are a costly luxury.

The good news is that modern pool construction techniques offer you different options at varying price tags. The least expensive type of swimming pool is a vinyl liner swimming pool. The cost of a vinyl liner swimming pool (for above ground) can start at around four thousand dollars and can go up to sixty thousand dollars plus, depending of course on the customizations and labor required.

The vinyl liner difference

A vinyl liner pool uses a specially designed vinyl membrane that exists between the water in the pool and the pool’s solid structure. The vinyl membrane or liner is cut to the dimensions of the cement-like or sand-like base of the pool. The walls of the pool are made from galvanized steel or thermoplastic material, which are then supported from behind to manage the weight of the water within. The walls are further secured to maintain the shape of the pool.

Benefits of a vinyl liner swimming pool.

Depending on the customizations required, installation of a vinyl liner pool itself can take less than one week. Some above ground pools can even be installed in a day. The vinyl lining is smooth throughout, and this prevents users from scratching themselves against the sides of the pool. At the same time, the flexibility of steel walls and vinyl liners give you the option to design your pool in various shapes and patterns.

With a vinyl pool, you never have to worry about repainting or replastering the pool. In fact, over time, you can change the vinyl liner to a new color to dramatically improve the aesthetics of the pool and your yard. You can include other features to your vinyl pool as well, like a spa, waterfall, lighting effects, decking, pool heaters, and more.

Fiberglass - the alternative option.

Fiberglass swimming pools are another option you have. They require little to no maintenance. However, they are expensive to make and install. The gel coating of fiberglass is smooth and non-abrasive. These pools can be customized to include built-in seats and steps. You can include colorful sections, tiles and amazing features to a fiberglass swimming pool. Unfortunately, they come in limited shapes and designs, and when repairing these pools, the replacements or fixed areas do not match the rest of the pool.

Vinyl liner swimming pools also have a downside, as the liner can suffer damage from misuse and/or poor water chemistry. However, if you use the pool with care and maintain it regularly, you can increase the life of the vinyl membrane. A vinyl liner pool should be maintained once a week depending on the weather and can last up to 20-25 years!

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